Cyslantia Stable

The static versions of Cyslantia. Their files are designed to stay cached for a while, so you'll get good load times after the first. The URL for each is provided for copying, and a direct link to the contents appears when hovered over.

Hærfest 2017-09-20

Avost Latest

Lui 2017-07-01

Gunju 2017-06-03

Okakopa in progress

Cyslantia Edge

The absolute latest version of Cyslantia. Caching is variable here, so while you'll get the latest version, you miss out on some of the benefits of caching.

Cyslantia Edge Full

Cyslantia Edge Minified


The fonts used in the Cyslantia theme. Webfont versions are served in the CSS files themselves, but if you really want to download and save them on your computer, here they are.

Route 159

The body font, used for the majority of the text on the page.

You can download it here.

Playfair Display

The header font, used for section headings and in a smallcaps variant for the navbar.

You can download it here.