Stylish (Copy/Paste Method)

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  1. Install Stylish
  2. Navigate to, and
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Ford's Video Tutorial

The following video tutorial was created by Ford. It's intended for Chrome, but the information within may also be useful for non-Chrome users.

Stylish (@import Method)

The @import method, instead of directly pasting in style data, uses a URL which provides the location of said data. The main benefit of using @import is that it's dynamic. If there are any updates to the external CSS, they are automatically downloaded and applied. Of course, since the data is not 100% locally stored (although, caching does occur), the method increases load times.

Stylish works differently in Firefox and doesn't allow @import, so either use the Greasemonkey method for a similar effect or use Stylish with the copy/pase method instead.

  1. Install Stylish
  2. Navigate to, and
  3. Enter @import url("http://");, replacing http:// with the appropriate URL


Greasemonkey is a Firefox-only extension that deals with not CSS, but JavaScript. Since the Firefox version of Stylish doesn't support @import, the next best solution is using JavaScript to insert a <link> tag into the document.

  1. Install Greasemonkey
  2. Install the Cyslantia user script
  3. By default, the URL is set to the latest version from Dropbox. To change it, edit the script and replace the URL between the quotes with the desired one.
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